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STAR Polite Puppy Class

For puppies aged 10 weeks to 6-12 months. Learn basic training principles and specific behaviors such as Loose leash walking, sit, stay, recall, polite greetings. Based on the AKC STAR puppy program. 

CGC Family Dog Class

It is never too late to train your dog!.  Learn loose leash walking, polite greetings, reliable recall and other lifelong skills. This class is suitable for any age dog over 6 months. This class will prepare for Canine Good Citizen test.

Rally Class

Rally is a sport designed for real people to have fun with their companion dogs.  It is a great way for you to enjoy a date night with your dog and practice skills and meet other people who want to enjoy time with their dogs. Suitable for dogs who can walk on leash and perform basic sit, down etc. For more informant about the sport go to

Private Training

Private Training is our most popular option because it has so many advantages. Schedule training at your convenience. We will be able to focus on you and your dog's specific needs and stage of development. Private training is essential for dogs who are not yet well socialized. Socialization is achieved progressively through controlled situations. If your dog is unable to relax in the group setting then private training is the best choice. 

General Information

Group classes are not suitable for all dogs.  If your dog is unable to settle in the company of other dogs, private training is more appropriate. Please call to discuss if you are unsure of what class to enroll in. 

Your puppy or dog should be on a regular flat collar and leash.  NO retractable leashes, choke or prong collars. 

Bring some small (pencil eraser sized) treats.  I recommend cooked chicken cut into tiny cubes. Chicken is easy to prepare and most puppies and dogs eat it without tummy issues. 

Please keep your dog on a leash and with you at all times. Please clean up after your dog. 

What our clients are saying about Moxie Dog Training



"We knew we needed a 'refresher course' in training and behavior for our new year and a half old Australian Shepherd and picked India's Moxie Dog Training. I knew India was fabulous with horses - and anything she undertook - so this was an obvious choice. In one extremely reasonably priced private session, India worked with both of us and our Aussie to determine what Spark already knew and where she (and we!) could use instruction. Through demonstration and patient hands on, she showed us - and reminded us of what our dog was thinking and processing - how to achieve focus and excellent response to commands. India was patient and incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging throughout our session. Thank goodness she wrote down what to work on as a reminder of all we had covered for it was most thorough. I feel we can return at any time to 'touch up' areas that need polishing. Our dog is a pleasure to be around with her and our 'refreshed' training. We highly recommend India and Moxie Dog Training for a happy owner/dog relationship!"


I was referred to India Baker by a friend. This is my first time being a "one dog" Mama. I decided on training because I wanted more for me and Appy, my new to me two year old pup. India brought an understanding to me that just because Appy may be skilled in her foundational teachings doesn't necessarily mean we are deeply connected. It does mean that Appy happens to respond well to my commands. Our teachings/learnings from India goes beyond that. It became about me getting to "read" my pup through her body language and "signs." India did this first through an awareness. Awareness that held curiosity, conversation, demonstration, positive reinforcement and feedback of "good dog" pats, treats, voice and becoming "more" in our connection during and after our classes. Appy and I are in our third "learning and growing skills and connection class" (my words) with India...and absolutely love it. Thank you, India!!!


India and Moxie Dog Training come highly recommended by our breeder, and we selected her for help in training our 10 week old puppy. Due to my unusual schedule, her upcoming puppy classes didn't work for me, so we scheduled private sessions. This will allow me to book sessions based on developmental needs of our puppy, and address any behaviors that may develop. Our first session was comprehensive and fun, and we left with a list of activities to practice. Our puppy is picking up her basic commands so quickly and I'm so proud. It's clear that India understands and loves dogs (my puppy was mesmerized by her!). Can't wait for our next session!


We sent our Golden Retriever Vince to spend a week with India at Moxie Dog Training and she did a wonderful job with him.  India took time when we picked up Vince to review how to address certain behaviors.  India also followed up with emails to see how he was doing and how we were doing.  India also has her dogs involved in training which was great for  Vince get used to being around other trained dogs. She not only trained the dog, she trained us.  I used Moxie dog training because it came highly recommended by our breeder.  I highly recommend using her training process b/c it worked, it was extremely reasonably priced and most of all, we got results.

About Us

Certified and Experienced Trainer


India Baker is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy.  She has over thirty years experience of training horses before turning her attention to dog training full time. She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

Positive and Fun Training


Using positive training you will see results right away.  Soon you will have your puppy or older dog walking on a loose leash and performing praiseworthy behaviors.

Training tailored to your Dog - and You!


We offer private and group training options.  Private training can be booked around your schedule evenings and weekend sessions are available. 

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